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General Information

Privacy & Confidentiality

Wynn Park Villa recognizes their responsibility to ensure that personal and confidential information is collected, used, disclosed, stored and protected appropriately, in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act, as well as the N.S. Hospital’s Act.

The execution of a pledge of Privacy & Confidentiality is required as a condition of employment/contract/association/appointment with Wynn Park Villa. All Wynn Park Villa members including; employees, physicians, volunteers, students and contractors shall sign the pledge of Privacy & Confidentiality at the commencement of their relationship with Wynn Park Villa.

Use or disclosure of personal information is acceptable only in the discharge of one’s responsibilities and duties and based on the need to know. Discussions regarding personal information shall not take place in the presence of persons not entitled t such information or in public places (elevators, lobbies, cafes, off premises etc).

All Wynn Park Villa members have a responsibility to report breaches of Privacy & Confidentiality without fear of reprisal.    


At Wynn Park Villa we have five designated beds for Veterans. Department of Veterans Affiars are available for support with Walking Aids/Wheelchairs etc, which can be loaned to veterans who may require assistance over time. The Veterans also have great support from our local legions. Each and every one of our verterans played an integrated part in our history and we are honoured to be able to provide them a home in our faciltiy.

Oral Health Care Program

Wynn Park Villa has introduced an Oral Health Care program. We are continuously educating our staff on the importance of mouth care. Each resident has their own mouth care kit in their room which is specific for them. Our staff are knowledgeable on how to care properly for natural teeth, dentures and partial dentures to reduce and prevent mouth and gum concerns. Upon admission each resident has an oral mouth assessment and their mouth care kit is assembled immediately.


All meals are prepared and cooked within the facility by our team of professional cooks and dietary staff. Meal times are 8:00am, 12:00pm and 4:00pm with a morning and afternoon drink and a snack if wanted. All of the prepared meals are served in our Cafe on the main level of our facility for visitors or community members to purchase.

Hairdressing Services

We have a hairdresser within our facility Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Services are available at reasonable rates. You can make an appointment at her shop or when she is up on the unit, retrieving or dropping residents off. Payment will be deducted from the residents Trust Account by the Director of Finance and then given to the hairdresser.


Each resident room has a television outlet for cable television and a phone outlet for your own personal phone. It is optional for the family to pay a twenty dollar ($28) monthly charge for cable television. However phone and Internet services are the responsibility of the family. It is down to the family to contact the phone company and set up an account.

Visiting Hours

Family members and friends are invited to visit often.  There are no set visitation hours at Wynn Park Villa however; our staff reserves the right to monitor visitation times as they feel appropriate for our residents.